Hotel Meeting Signage

Brian Converse

Give your guests an amenity they can use

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No Risk 30 Day Trial

30 day money back guarantee
Hundreds of hotel information displays under active management - all Cloud monitored and managed 24/7/365.
Meeting Display shows Meeting Description, Time and Location plus Local Weather in your hotel lobby.
Can be upgraded with more content such as promoting your hotel amenities.
EASY To INSTALL - Just connect to internet and TV and we take over form there.
Pulls events from your calendar!

Need an inexpensive amenity your guests will love? Adding a Hotel Meeting Information Display to your hotel lobby is an easy and affordable way to WOW your guests?


So how does meeting signage work?

Simply choose an existing display in your hotel lobby, or install a new one, and then just plug our device into the display and wifi and you are all set. Enter meetings into your calendar and they magically appear on your display! No risk to try out as we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Get a more info or just call us at 888-271-5999

Happy Customers

Hotel Hot Springs

Kharma’s hotel meeting room signage has been great for telling our guests where and when they need to be for their meetings. Staff loves the ease of use and great support! They also handle our wifi and business center.

Carlos Sibole, The Hotel Hot Springs, Hot Springs, AR

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