Is you hotel business center getting slow and unpredictable? Is your current vendor begging you to spend $5k for a new one?

Call Kharma! We offer existing business center upgrades for under $600 and it will run till the hardware rots off giving you years more service.

How do we do it? We send you a new router to hook your printer and PCs up to that also provides wireless printing. You also get a thumb drive to install our software on your old PCs giving them new life.

You also get the best features from Kharma for your hotel business center such as…

  1. Fully locked down read only operating system. Guests cannot change anything on the PCs.
  2. Full reset on restart or when guest is finished wiping it clean and making it fresh as the day you installed it.
  3. Guests have access to cloud services as well as Open Office to work with office documents.
  4. Guests can use a thumb drive to work with files.
  5. Guests are blocked from objectionable material making it great for lobby visible business centers.
  6. Guests can print from their smartphone and tablets to the printer.
  7. 24/7/365 Guest support included in monthly fee.
  8. Month to month contracts.

With hundreds of units under active management, you can trust you have come to the right place!

Call 888-271-5999 or click here to learn more.