Business Centers for Hotels & Assisted Living

What is a Hotel Business Center? “A hotel business center is a place set aside in a hotel for one or several guest use computers and a printer. Guests should be able to surf the web, print boarding passes, work with Office documents, print and more. It should be secured to protect both the hotel and the guest, not allow objectionable content to be displayed, and be managed by a service provider to make sure it stays operational and deals with any guest issues.”

Rock Solid Features

Trusted: Hundreds of hotel business centers under active management - All Cloud monitored and managed 24/7/365.
Latest All in One PCs from Dell & Lenovo secured with Kharma's rock solid hotel business center software. Optionally upgrade your existing Uniguest business center equipment to save thousands.
Business Center Users CAN: Surf the web, print, open and modify Office documents with Open Office and Google Docs, save and open to thumb drives - now with Wireless Printing!
Business Center Users CANNOT: Modify settings, install anything or view objectional material - Factory resets after each use!
Business Center is ready to go EVERY time!

Tired of your hotel or assisted living business center being our of service? Are your scores suffering?

Ever notice how if one thing goes wrong for a guest, suddenly everything for the guest is subpar? Don’t let your business center be that trigger for a poor guest experience!

Is this the right service for you?

If you are tired of dealing with complaints from your guests or tenants and want fully managed, high performance hotel or assisted living business center, Kharma can help. With over 20 years of experience designing and managing hotel business centers, and now assisted living business centers, we can make those problems go away!


Did you know you can upgrade instead of replacing that old Uniguest or other vendor business center? We can send you a thumb drive to upgrade them to Kharma and get more mileage out of your existing investment!

Happy Customers

Ruth Tialupa, G&G Hospitality

“Kharma is the real deal! The service is superb and expeditious from request for new service to installation and beyond.”

Ruth Tiapula, G&G Hospitality, Little Rock, AR

Zeal Hotel Group

“Kharma’s hotel business center solution has proven to be cost effective and reliable alternative to other solutions on the market. If you need a great hotel business center solution, I highly recommend them!”

Viren Patel, Zeal Hotel Group, The Colony, TX

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