A few years ago AirBnB launched a new tool that allows hosts and guests to check their wifi speed at the property. The results of these speeds will show on your profile to potential guests and will count in their decision to book or not. As wifi speeds have become one of the most searched for amenity on the site, AirBnB made it easy for potential guests to find out.

If your speed test reads 0mbps, your property will be listed as having no wifi. If you have 1-6Mbps wifi speed, your property will be listed as having slow speeds. 7-24Mbps will get you a listing in the solid wifi suitable for streaming movies. 25-49Mbps will get you a snappy rating. Finally, 50Mbps+ will get you a Wow! top wifi rating.

Complaints of wifi are rampant on the reviews as noted below…

Guest Wants Refund for Internet Problem – But I Think She is Causing it

Request Partial Refund? (Wifi Issues)

At what point does it become acceptable to ask for a refund based on bad internet?

WiFi issues – Refund?

AirBnB host lied about WiFi availability and ignores my messages.

As you can see, you not only need a great wifi connection, solid hardware made for commercial deployments, but you also need a managed service provider who can assist your customers 24/7 with any issues that come up. Most guest issues are fixed easily preventing a bad review or a request for a refund.

With hundreds of hotel and bed & breakfast wifi customers, Kharma easily help you with your AirBnB rental all at an affordable price. It is simply a scaled down version of our industry leading service with all of the bells and whistles included like 24/7 monitoring of the hardware and usage, 24/7 guest support hotline, expanded 3 year equipment warranty and much more.

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