Business Centers in Apartments and Hotels are changing but are still important amenities to the guest or resident. Below are 5 MUST HAVE things your Business Center needs.

  1. Security – Your Business Center must be secure to not only protect the guest but protect your venue as well. Kharma uses a highly secure, customer version of the Linux operating system to protect you and your equipment. We also erase all of the history of the last visit to protect the guest.
  2. Ease of Use – All that security is of no use useless the guest or resident can use the system. Kharma’s Business Centers feature video instructions right at the Business Center. Access to Google Docs and LibreOffice is included.
  3. Support – Everything is great until it isn’t, right. At Kharma we support the guest with video help screens and an 800 number to assist them. For the venue, we monitor and keep all software and security up to date protecting your venue. Need help, speak to an owner!
  4. Mobile Capabilities – Kharma’s Business Centers comes equipped to help the mobile user with features such as print from mobile device and scan to mobile device. The can even print securely from their rooms with our QR code feature.
  5. Wireless Charging – Included at no charge on our Business Centers is wireless charging at the PCs. Can’t do much mobile printing if your phone is dead, right?

Find out more about our Apartment and Hotel Business Centers now with Mobile Printing and Wireless Charging included.