In case you have not been watching the news in the last few years, getting materials that we need to complete your wifi and camera projects has been challenging to say the least! The parts that are out of stock seem to shift almost weekly where one project you can get cameras but no recorders, or on wifi you can get access points but no switches.

So what does this mean for your project? Planning!

Do not place your order with us and expect us to be out the next day – or week. Place the order wel in advance so we can stage the materials in our office in plenty of time for us to complete your install in a timely manner. We want your project to go off without a hitch, so we need you cooperation in ordering much sooner than you would normally be used to doing.

On a good note, digital signage materials have not been so affected and we keep good stock on those products and can usually ship in a few days.

If you have any questions about your project, please reach out and discuss it with us