Let’s review a brief list of things you can do right now to make your hotel wifi as crappy as possible and keep your scores in the basement.

  1. Not enough access points deployed. Wifi signals, and especially the new 5ghz signals, do not like going through walls, concrete, pipes, mirrors, etc. By deploying more access points and configuring them properly you can shorten the distance the signal has to go to reach your guest thus providing better connections.
  2. Old access points. You know those leftover access points you got from another property who upgraded? Put those suckers in and you can guarantee some bad connections. After all, if they sucked for the guy you got them from, they will suck for you as well!
  3. Bad placement of access points. Make sure you put your access points in places where as much of the signal as possible is blocked by other infrastructure and this will insure dead spots a plenty. What your building is made of makes a big difference to the signal your guest is trying to get. Always keep in mind to try and have the fewest obstructions between your guest and the access point to have a happy guest.
  4. Old cabling. If you cabling was installed during the Clinton administration, reuse it for a host of issues! Poor connections, mouse chewed cables, cables cut by who knows who all will have you pulling your hair out. A new cabling plant will insure your investment in wifi will serve you and your customers for years to come.
  5. Reusing old switches. If you like endless service calls, then this is a good choice for you. Not only are old switches slow, but after years of sitting in the mop closet they are barely hanging on. For best results – don’t do it!
  6. Crappy ISP connections. One sure way to throw your money out the window is to connect that shiny new wifi network up to a crappy connection from your internet provider. The ISP connection is ALWAYS the slowest point of the network. No matter how good your wifi is, it can only go as fast as the connection to the building.

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Awesome Hotel Wifi