Running network cables for wifi or other needs in a Bed & Breakfast is problematic at best. These Inns were definitely not constructed with wifi in mind and running cables. Plus, a large portion of Inns are Historic structures and drilling holes everywhere.

So how do you overcome this roadblock to wifi nirvana? We recommend running either no cables or very few cables depending on the size of your Inn. How, using a wifi system that allows for mesh networking where the wifi devices can wirelessly interconnect with one another.

A smaller Inn may only need a base station wifi device that connects directly to your internet provider modem and two or so mesh repeater wifi devices that can be place around the Inn.

For larger properties, you will want to run cables where it can be done and then use the mesh units to fill in where cables cannot be run.

Where do these cables need to be run and where do I need to place mesh units. Kharma will send you the places where these need to placed and can tell remotely how they are performing. Everything in the networks we sell are managed 24/7 for uptime and performance.

How hard is it to install a Bed & Breakfast wifi system from Kharma? Easy as plugging in a lamp. Base station plug into your internet modem and power – mesh repeater just plug into any outlet. We take over from there! Reach out for more information on how we can help you Inn.

Bed & Breakfast Wifi Service