So what is a Business Center for Multi-Family venues? A Business Center is a place included in your Co-working Amenity where your tenants and student tenants can get some work and studying done. They usually include a multi-function printer and several PCs and can include free wifi.

What features should I look for in a Multi-Family Business Center. In addition to the features one should look for such as internet access, copying, scanning, wireless guest printing, print from apartment and others, security should be top of list for both the venue and the tenants.

Security features in Kharma’s Multi-Family Business Centers. Kharma’s Business Centers are chock full of security features to protect both you and your tenants – among them are…

  • PCs use our proprietary Linux operating system and are locked down so tenants cannot install or change any of the settings. They are also hardened against malware.
  • Our PC’s will reset to a pristine state after five minutes of no activity wiping out all history, files, passwords, etc from the tenant to protect them.
  • Our PCs block adult and objectionable material from being viewed in public areas.
  • Our Printers have the settings locked out so tenants cannot make changes to the printer.
  • Tenants printing from their apartment use a release code to get their prints for privacy.
  • Security router blocks guests from getting to your local network.
  • All equipment and use is fully monitored and managed by Kharma 24/7.

Other non-technical things to think about for a Multi-Family Business Center. The Co-Working environment they are in should be inviting and relaxing. Perhaps put them away from Gyms and game rooms where noise is an issue. Have comfortable, durable furniture for the tenants and include a coffee counter or a relaxation area nearby.

You want to give your tenants the amenities they need but want to do it in a secure and safe manner. Trust Kharma’s 20+ years of Business Center management.

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