If you have been in an airport, you have seen the screens that show airport arrivals and departures. These screens are called Flight Information Display Systems or FIDS and show data about these flights.

They typically show what city the flight is going to or from, the flight number, the airline, the arrival or departure time, gate, baggage and the current status such as delayed, cancelled or updated timing. For larger airports this will be shown across multiple slides.

So why install a Flight Information Display in your hotel or Lobby?

In additional to flights information and weather, you can also promote your other hotel amenities or a special item from your menu for a restaurant. You can even sell the space to other businesses for revenue. We do caution however, do not clutter the screens with too much other stuff as it will take away from the main goal of information.

Guests Love It.
While it is true that you can look up airline information after downloading an app, guests love the convenience of glancing up at a big, bright screen with updated information on their flights. With ever changing flight status and gate changes, knowing this before you leave to the airport is valuable information.

Turn that delay into an extra stay (or drink)!
If a flight gets cancelled and the hotel guest finds out in your lobby, he can extend his stay with you. For restaurants. delays may encourage another round of drinks and appetizers. If you have a bar in your hotel all the better.

Kharma’s Flight Information Displays are easy to install and easy on the wallet. All contracts are month to month and there is a 30 day money back guarantee if you do not like it for ANY reason!

Kharma’s Flight Information Displays