Have you ever wanted to move your business center to a new location only to find out there is no data outlet anywhere near the new location? Frustrating, right? You would think in this day and age there would be outlets everywhere.

Have a new cable run by the contractor? That starts at $250 and up for a new cable run.

Kharma is here with an answer to your hotel business center problems. You see, that security router we provide you with to connect the PCs and printer in your business center plus provide wireless printing to your guests, does not HAVE to be place in the same location as the business center.

Working with us, you can move the security router to a place nearby that does have a data outlet and we can program the PCs and printer to wirelessly connect to the security router. Problem solved.

We have done this for several of our customers and we can do it for you. We can even Upgrade your existing system to Kharma!

Get a better Hotel Business Center Provider today!