While everyone knows our business center software for hotel and assisted/senior living business centers, our rock solid, secure PCs also come in handy anytime you need a publicly exposed PC platform that cannot be vandalized. Below is a list of a few alternative use cases for our business center software.

Libraries : A place where people of all ages have access to the PC where features such as starting page, adult content block and automatic reset come in handy.

Community Centers and Senior Centers : In addition to the above features, one thing that comes in handy here is the fact that old PCs can be repurposed with our software saving money to cash strapped facilities. The City of Little Rock Dunbar community center uses our software for just that.

Prisons : Need secure PCs where content is locked to law libraries and the like? Our PCs are great for the control you need in this demanding environment.

Drug/Psych Treatment Centers : Again, security and control are paramount in these facilities and Kharma’s software delivers.

Military Bases : With lot’s of visiting families, having business center here is the same amenity as in a hotel for the guests.

Employment Kiosk : We can provide turn key terminal that are locked to your employment software and reset with each use for privacy.

Gift Registry Kiosk : We can provide turn key terminal that are locked to your gift registry software and reset with each use for privacy.

Portal Signup Kiosks : For hospitals and clinics, we can provide dedicated, secure terminals for patients to signup with your portals for better delivery of services.

As you can see, anywhere you need a public facing PC that is secure and managed, Kharma can help!

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